Downtube FS 9 speed full suspension (Folding Bike) Harga: Rp. 4.000.000.

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The Downtube 2011 FS ( 9 speed full suspension) folding bicycle is here. Features for the 2011 model include:
  • Integrated threadless headset
  • Front derailleur braze on will allow one to turn it into a 27sp bike.
  • Head tube and seat tube interface for bags, pumps, pr battery packs
  • Rear swingarm bolt can be removed from non-drive side ( easy to disassemble the frame for super compact storage
  • Lighter stem which folds thinner
  • Upgraded drive train w/trigger shifters
  • Disc hubs ( front and rear ) with disc mounts on the frame
  • Upgraded brakes, levers, and noodle
  • Upgraded BB
  • Lighter fork
  • Powder coat paint with clear coat on top.
  • Upgraded cable housing
  • Upgraded kickstand mount
  • Cold forged cranks.
  • Sealed cartridge bottom bracket.
  • Preload adjustable transarch suspension fork.
  • Rear disc tabs
  • Lightweight and easy to fold alloy pedals.
  • Alloy and stainless frame and stem quick releases
  • Machined sidewall rims
  • Lowest price 9 speed folder brand in the world.
  • 24H/28H spoked front/rear wheels for lightweight
  • 1.5" front tire for low rolling resistance
  • Replaceable 48T chainring
  • Stainless Steel spokes
  • Mini barends. (With many folding bikes it is difficult to steer with a long stem, barends solve this problem, but make the bike difficult to fold . not with our mini barends - easy to turn and easy to fold!)
  • Folding left and right pedals for compactness.
  • Plastic chainring cover to make keep chain from getting dirt and grime in your car or storage area. Also keeps the chain from falling off.
  • Ding-a-ling bell to alert pedestrians and cars
  • Extra wide rise handlebars to allow the rider to stretch out and feel comfortable. Rotating the rise bars can push the rider towards the saddle ( for upright comfort riding ) or away from the saddle ( for more aggressive riding )
  • Super duper soft comfortable grips.
  • Adjustable height stem allows bike to be used by kids and adults.
  • Front and rear Quick Release skewers to quickly remove either wheel.
  • Velo "love channel" saddle.
  • Braze ons to allow a water bottle cage or pump.
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