New Shimano Saint 10 Speed Groupset. Harga: Rp. 6.000.000.

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grupset shimano saint bb83 untuk sepeda downhill

terdiri dari crank arm 165 chainring 36 termasuk bottom bracket

sifter kanan saja 10 speed 2 kombinasi push pull bisa juga push push

brakeset depan belakang termasuk rotor icetech depan 203mm  belakang 180mm sixbolt dan adaptor rotor

rd 10 speed

cassete ultegra 6700 10 speed


A brand new beautiful Shimano Saint groupo recently arrived at out doorstep for a long term review. Out came the scale and here is the fruit of our labor. Just a few scale shots and some tastefully artsy close ups. Don’t pretend you don’t like it.
The Shimano Saint group won’t be winning any weight competitions but it’s long set the gold standard for strength and durability. So we have exceedingly high expectations for these new components.
We’ve already covered all the new tech extensively in this article, so just whip past the break for all our ParkTools approved weights.


Front brake

Claimed rear brake weight: 302g.

Heavy mounting hardware is heavy. Ti all the things?


Claimed weight: 123g. They probably didn’t weigh the shifter right out of the box with the shifter cable pre-installed.


Claimed weight: 931g according to our press materials. Perhaps they weighed the cranks & BB? The whole package ( cranks & BB) tipped our scale at 918g. Either way, Shimano’s new Saint cranks under promised and over delivered.

Bottom Bracket


Claimed weight: 500g. Anyway you look at it – these pedals are porkers. Weight used to be inconsequential but in the modern era most racers have downhill rigs in the low 30s and every bit counts. Good thing we’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about these pedals.
They come with pins pre-installed as well as additional replacement pins and washers. Want to add more pins or increase traction? Just add pins or remove/install washers to dial in your preferred “grippiness” level.  Since we won’t be clipping we like to set the “grippiness” up to eleven.

Shimano XT 10 speed chain. Take note when installing because it is directional. It’s also specifically designed for the rigors of mountain biking. Special cut outs help reduce twisting and the chain’s ability to shed mud.


New ten speed derailleur with Shadow Plus clutch mechanism. Claimed weight: 280 g

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